Prior to setting The Star Entertainment Group five year Environment and Sustainability Strategy in 2014, the Environment and Sustainability team conducted a materiality assessment by consulting across The Star Entertainment Group's Property Sustainability Committees, the National Environment and Sustainability Steering Group, the Executive team and considered feedback from team members.

Commentary from these sources identified concern of the environmental impact of our properties, specifically the energy and water consumption and waste generation from operating properties 24 hours 7 days per week and that the sharing of environmental performance information across the group could improve.

The five year Environment and Sustainability Strategy was then developed to ensure The Star Entertainment Group;

  • Focused on setting annual objectives that reduced the impact of material issues specifically energy and water consumption and waste generation on the business over time and;
  • Developed a Communications Plan for Environment and Sustainability to ensure that messages surrounding performance were reaching team members.
  • The Star Entertainment Group understands that issues we consider material can change and is committed to revisiting these annually to ensure they are still relevant and/or identify others.

In 2015, the assessment was revisited to ensure that the Group continued to focus efforts on our material impacts. 

The process followed has been outlined below: