The Sustainability Strategy is underpinned by a structured materiality assessment process that was conducted in 2016 over a three month period to identify potential material environmental, social and governance issues relevant to our business and industry.

Through structured workshops, research, and stakeholder consultation, those sustainability issues identified were then rated based on their importance to The Star Entertainment Group and its stakeholders.  The material issues identified as important to The Star Entertainment Group and its stakeholders were incorporated into the objectives of ‘Our Bright Future’ in addition to existing controls, policies and programs.  

Upholding human rights is fundamental to our business and underpins all that we do for our people, our guests, our partners and our communities. It is reflected through each of our values and is at the heart of our business. That’s why we have not called it out as a specific issue to be included in the assessment process.

In 2017 the materiality process was revised to ensure our material issues remain relevant and current.  The material issues can be found linked to the sustainability strategy pillars below and have been explained further in a definitions table.