Frequently asked questions

Why have we changed the company name?

We have embarked on significant capital works programs at our properties in Sydney and on the Gold Coast, and have reached contractual close with the Queensland Government as part of the Destination Brisbane Consortium that will undertake the transformational redevelopment of Queen’s Wharf in Brisbane. We have created significant momentum in the business over the past 18 months, and have established genuine stability in management that is helping to drive that momentum. Therefore, it is an ideal time to adopt a new, consolidated brand platform from which we can fully leverage all these positive elements across the business.

What is the new name and what is the reasoning for that?

The parent company name has changed from Echo Entertainment Group to The Star Entertainment Group. The properties will also be rebranded – in what will be a staged process – as The Star, Sydney; The Star, Gold Coast; and The Star, Brisbane. The new name enables us to leverage the considerable equity built by The Star, Sydney, in recent times in domestic and, importantly, international markets. This will enable us to drive awareness and recognition for all three properties as strong individual components of a single group that offers world-class integrated resort experiences infused with local spirit.

Why are we changing the names of the properties?

As we’ve outlined, the positive leveraging of the quality offerings we bring to our individual properties, including that all important local spirit, will enable us to be even greater than the sum of our parts. Being a member of The Star Entertainment Group as The Star, Sydney, or The Star, Gold Coast, or The Star, Brisbane, will carry with it an imprimatur of quality, world-class guest service and a guarantee of thrilling experiences at our integrated resorts in both Queensland and Sydney. There was also a considerable investment into research to validate the rebranding proposition, including consultation with guests and other stakeholders.

When will the transition to the new property names take effect?

The rebrand of The Star Sydney occurred in March 2016. Jupiters Hotel & Casino rebranded as The Star Gold Coast in March 2017. The Treasury Casino & Hotel in Brisbane will be converted to premium retail and a Ritz-Carlton Hotel when the Queen’s Wharf development becomes operational in 2022. When Queen’s Wharf opens, the integrated resort will be known as The Star Brisbane. 

Why are we moving away from the name Jupiters on the Gold Coast? 

Jupiters has been an icon of the Gold Coast for 30 years. But we believe as the Gold Coast prepares for a transformation that will be driven by hosting the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, then so too is there an evolution and transformation happening at our Jupiters property. We are well advanced on a capital expenditure program of $345 million, with the existing 592 hotel rooms undergoing a complete refurbishment, and a new six-star 17-storey all-suite hotel tower set to start construction at the front of the existing hotel. The heartbeat of Jupiters – that community connection – will be further enhanced. The Gold Coast is also renowned for its bold, optimistic and enthusiastic character, built on a spirit of creativity, unbounded potential and inventiveness. There will be an even greater emphasis on these characteristics moving forward. It is also part of the overall opportunity to create an even greater 'family' connection for the company as a whole by carrying the single brand The Star Entertainment Group across all our properties.