Objective: Further develop our Environment and Sustainability Program across all properties

Projects Delivered: 

  • Launched our new Environment and Sustainability 5 year strategy
  • Developed ‘Echo Friendly’, our national team member environment and sustainability program

Objective: Establish targets, metrics and a reporting framework to monitor, manage and provide feedback surrounding our performance

Projects Delivered:

  • Introduced a Group wide resource consumption database and performance reporting for energy, water, carbon and waste
  • Introduced invoice validation to ensure the transparency, accuracy and completeness of our data

Objective: Introduce technologies to increase visibility and reduce energy and water consumption

Projects Delivered: 

  • Upgraded The Star Building Management System (BMS) operation and we are investigating new controls and optimisation strategies
  • Expanded our sub-metering program to increase visibility around electricity consumption at The Star

Objective: Develop a stakeholder engagement program to work with our retailers

Projects Delivered: 

  • Conducted water and waste management assessments for our food retailers at The Star identifying opportunities to reduce water use and increase recycling

Objective: Develop an environment and sustainability staff engagement program and an induction module for our staff

Projects Delivered: 

  • We now induct all team members on our environment and sustainability initiatives
  • Introduced a herb garden at Jupiters Gold Coast to supply our kitchens and bars run by our chefs and property teams

Objective: Establish an Environment and Sustainability Working Group

Projects Delivered: 

  • Established Sustainability Committees at each casino property

Objective: Develop a supplier engagement framework and sustainable procurement guidance

Projects Delivered: 

  • Introduced environment and sustainability criteria within our Procurement documentation
  • Worked proactively with our suppliers at Jupiters Gold Coast to reduce food packaging. All bulk fruit and vegetables, and 90% of chicken and meats are now sourced in reusable containers

Objective: Continue voluntary reporting under the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Project Delivered: 

  • Qualified for inclusion in RobecoSAM’s “The Sustainability Yearbook”, the world’s most comprehensive publication on corporate sustainability determined by our score in RobecoSAM’s annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA)

Objective: Meet our compliance commitments and work further with industry

Projects Delivered: 

  • Reported under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGERs) and successfully submitted our Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment Plan to Government in line with our reporting cycle obligations

Objective: Formalise a staff award and performance recognition for contribution towards environmental and sustainability

Projects Delivered: 

  • Launched an ‘Echo Friendly’ team member quarterly award and ‘green idea’ program
  • Developed an Environment and Sustainability intranet site reaching over 5,200 team members since our program launch

Objective: Introduce a Waste Management Strategy and new recycling systems to further divert waste streams from landfill

Projects Delivered: 

  • Implemented mixed recycling across all four casinos improving our Group recycling rate by 14%
  • Introduced new recycling streams at The Star including food waste, improving recycling rates by 28% within the year

Objective: Ensure new developments consider energy efficient technologies in their design and introduce a group wide design standard

Projects Delivered

  • Developed and implemented a Group wide Sustainable Design Guideline into our major refurbishment project (Astral refurbishment, The Sovereign Lakes extension)