At The Star Entertainment Group we generate varied waste streams from our operations. Our largest waste streams are from construction, demolition and refurbishment from projects and food, glass, packaging and cardboard from our operations. Our approach is to include all waste streams managed through our waste contractor to ensure that we are capturing all waste streams generated at site and report accurate recycling rates reflective of our business.

We have recycling systems in place at all of our properties for paper, cardboard, commingle (mixed recycling) and cardboard. We established ewaste stations and have introduced organics and food waste recycling at The Star in all kitchens and restaurants with waste food going to EarthPower to create green energy from anaerobic digestion http://www.earthpower.com.au/.

The Star Entertainment Group has focused strongly on waste reduction and recycling programs since 2013 and the recycling rate has increased significantly over the last three years from 20% to 33%, exceeding our waste reduction target of 10% by 2016 (based on 2013 levels).

The Star Sydney has achieved a recycling rate of 41% in 2016 across all operations. Success is attributed to the implementation of The Star Entertainment Group’s Waste Strategy which includes the following initiatives:

  •  The rollout of new dual recycling bins for guest use at The Star Sydney
  •  Dedicated Waste Strategy Groups at each property, focusing on waste minimisation and expanding recycling streams
  •  New signage and bin systems
  •  Trialing new recycling initiatives, including collecting oyster shells for OceanWatch to assist local marine projects
  •  Recycled used soaps from hotel rooms with Soap Aid to generate over 9,900 bars of new soap for distribution to disadvantaged communities.