At The Star Entertainment Group we are always looking for opportunities to save energy across our properties. Operating our world class dining, nightlife, gaming and hotels to our guest comfort consumes significant amounts of energy.

We are committed to utilising new technologies and operating our buildings to use energy more efficiently. To achieve this in FY15, The Star Entertainment Group completed strategic building assessments incorporating level 2 energy audits across our casino properties to understand where our energy is being consumed and to identify a five year roadmap for energy saving opportunities. Energy efficiency opportunities have been prioritised based on cost and energy saving potential and will be implemented to assist us in achieving our targets. At the close of 2016, 12 additional energy savings projects were completed delivering 1690 tonnes of carbon savings and savings of approximately $600,000 taking the total number of projects implemented to 22 over the last two financial years with more expected to close in FY17 and FY18. 

Projects completed across our properties include:

At The Star we have:

  • Expanded our sub-metering program to increase visibility around electricity consumption with a future view for expansion
  • Upgraded our car park fans’ motors and installed Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
  • Upgraded the Building Management System (BMS) operation and currently investigating new controls and optimisation strategies
  • Remodelled and upgraded the pools at Astral Tower with energy efficient LED lighting
  • Upgraded the potable cold water pumps to VSD high efficiency pumps

At Treasury Hotel and Casino we have;

  • Replaced 90% of all lighting with LED and compact fluorescents
  • Upgraded the façade lighting to LED from incandescent
  • Removed a number of gas fired hot water systems through the installation of heat pumps
  • Installed VSDs on seven cooling towers

At Jupiters Hotel & Casino Gold Coast we have;

  • Switched all new lighting to LED consuming 80% less energy and generating 50% less heat
  • Fitted VSDs on all large motors