The Star Entertainment Group (formerly known as Echo Entertainment Group) is a diverse company, requiring a large range of goods and services sourced from many suppliers. We value our supplier relationships.

It is important to understand The Star Entertainment Group's transactional model, as this will assist with smooth dealings and transaction completion (including payment). Our goal is to pay suppliers on time (according to agreed payment terms) when all correct processes are followed.

The Star Entertainment Group operates in a regulated industry, so supplier probity is particularly important to us. Our contractual terms and conditions are also important as some elements of these are also defined by our regulators and must be included in our supplier contracts. Suppliers wishing to do business with The Star Entertainment Group should look over this material prior to submitting any queries to our business.

While suppliers may approach our business directly to discuss ideas and potentially develop business cases, there is no guarantee that your approach will result in any work with The Star Entertainment Group. Our internal policies require our staff to follow formal processes which result in a purchase order or contract for The Star Entertainment Group to commit to any expenditure with a supplier. These documents are required prior to commencing any work with The Star Entertainment Group and it is in a supplier’s interest to ensure that shortcuts are not taken in this area.

The links below provide more detailed information about procurement with The Star Entertainment Group, including a link to the Supplier Registration Form to complete and return if you are interested in becoming a potential supplier to the company.

For more information on upcoming procurement opportunities refer to the links below.

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane

The Star Entertainment Group is also a partner in the Destination Brisbane Consortium, which will develop the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane integrated resort development. In due course, procurement information on this development will be available at

The Star Gold Coast

The Star Entertainment Group is also proposing with its consortium partners – Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and Far East Consortium – on a future expansion of  The Star Gold Coast (formerly known as Jupiters Gold Coast). Subject to approvals, information on procurement opportunities for this transformational development will be made available at