The Star Entertainment Group's (formerly known as Echo Entertainment Group) Board strongly supports the principles of corporate governance and is committed to maintaining the highest standards within the company.

This is particularly important given the highly regulated environment in which this company operates and the need to ensure that its businesses are sustainable.

The company's policies and corporate governance practices are reviewed annually and will continue to be developed and refined to meet the needs of the company and best practice. 

Corporate Governance Statement

The Star Entertainment Group's corporate governance statement can be viewed here.

Appendix 4G - Key to Corporate Governance Disclosures can be viewed here.

Code of Conduct

The Star Entertainment Group has a Code of Conduct which can be viewed here. Compliance with the Code, and associated policies, guidelines and procedures (such as the Securities Trading Policy available below), is a requirement of employment for everyone at The Star Entertainment Group. The Code of Conduct establishes the behaviour the company expects from employees at work and describes the work environment that The Star Entertainment Group aspires to provide its employees.