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The Star Entertainment Group offers a variety of leisure and entertainment experiences including gambling, for the enjoyment of our guests. Providing a safe and responsible entertainment environment is a fundamental platform for our business. Our focus on responsible gambling includes participation in and funding of comprehensive programs and working with community groups as an industry leader.

Our casinos promote a responsible approach to gambling and offer gambling for your enjoyment. Only you can decide how much time and money you want to spend on gambling at the casino. If you think you may have a problem controlling your gambling behaviour.

Gambling Aware are independently run and offer free, confidential support for individuals who are adversely affected by either their own or somebody else’s gambling behaviour. 


All our casinos have trained customer liaison representatives who can provide information or referrals to assist our guests who may be experiencing gambling related problems. If you need help, ask for a supervisor or manager at any time. To find out more about responsible gambling, self-exclusion or where to get help; contact the Responsible Gambling Department or the Gaming Manager on duty at: The Star Sydney: (02) 9777 9000 The Star Gold Coast: (07) 5592 8100 Treasury Brisbane: (07) 3306 8888

Our casinos provide the option for a person to self-exclude (ban) themselves from our gambling facilities. Our team members provide sensitive and confidential support to customers who wish to self-exclude. There is no need to make an appointment, simply approach a security officer or a gaming manager and ask to be self-excluded. You will need to bring your photo identification with you.

If a person does not wish to come to the casino to self-exclude/ban themselves, they have the option of having the exclusion processed at a nominated Gambling Help Service centre. For more information on self-exclusion:

Making and informed decision brochure

The Star’s Self Exclusion Brochure:

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Responsible Gambling at The Star

The Star Entertainment Group has a long-standing commitment to responsible gambling and harm minimisation in relation to gambling.

In accordance with good governance practices, The Star reports on responsible gambling in our SEG materiality statement and the Board (through its committees) monitors performance of The Star’s Responsible Gambling Program as part of The Star’s broader sustainability strategy, “Our Bright Future”.

The core components of The Star Responsible Gambling Program are described in summary below.

Patron Liaison Managers
At The Star, each property has a designated Patron Liaison Manager (PLM) who provides on-going support to guests and team members. The PLM can provide information on gambling help services, community groups or referrals to assist our guests who may be experiencing gambling related problems. PLMs also manage the conduct of the Responsible Gambling Program at the property level. If you need to talk with our team, they can be contact on:
  • The Star Sydney (02) 9777 9000
  • The Star Gold Coast (07) 5592 8100
  • Treasury Brisbane (07) 3306 8888
Guest Support Managers
At each property there is also a Guest Support Manager (GSM). GSMs and PLMs work closely together to minimise the impact of gambling on our guests across all three properties. GSMs are frontline staff providing instant support with:
  • Guests accessing information about problem gambling, including symptoms and treatment options
  • Providing guests with access to BetCare, other external support agencies and community groups
  • Supporting guests through The Star’s self-exclusion and personal commitment programs
  • Actively approaching and engaging guests in discussion regarding Responsible Gambling concerns.
Guest Support Advocates
At The Star many of our team members have been given advanced training in identifying people who may be showing signs of problem gambling and in effective ways to help those guests. Guest Support Advocates are there to help our guests to understand how to control their gambling and if needed to get our guests on the path towards Gambling Help Services and the other support The Star provides.
Independent Counselling Service – BetCare
The Star engages BetCare, a dedicated independent counselling service, to provide assistance for distressed guests (including 24/7 intervention), guests suffering from gambling problems or other mental health challenges. This partnership is available at all three properties. BetCare also assists with gambling assessments for guests seeking revocation of self-exclusions and responsible gambling exclusions and provides specialised responsible gambling training to our team members.
The Star has established or committed itself to these polices and responsible gambling information in connection with our Responsible Gambling Program:
At The Star all our team members complete a mandatory training program which includes a regular refresher course. Gaming team members complete a detailed responsible gambling training program, which includes identifying the signs of at-risk gambling. Gaming supervisors, managers, and other senior staff complete comprehensive training on The Star’s Responsible Gambling Program and how to identify and respond to the signs of problem gambling.
Raising Awareness
The Star participates in awareness raising activities across the jurisdictions in which we operate. We actively participate in awareness raising weeks and promotional campaigns, sponsored by Government. Responsible Gambling Awareness Weeks, give us the opportunity to participate with help services and other stakeholders to address gambling concerns in the community. During these campaigns The Star uses internal and guest facing communications channels to deliver harm reduction messages.
Community Support
In the two jurisdictions where we operate, The Star, works with local communities through funding of Responsible Gambling Trusts, which fund state-wide free gambling treatment, gambling research programs and substantial community grants programs. The Star has contributed more than $100 million to Queensland’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund since 1987 and contributed $14.6 million to the NSW Responsible Gambling fund in FY2020.
Engaging with Help Services
PLMs engage regularly with gambling help services including attending network meetings and supporting direct engagement with individual services. The Star has MOUs in place with help services providers to support remote exclusion and training of The Star team members.
Responsible Gambling Risk Assessments
All new gambling products and services (including substantial changes) are risk assessed to ensure they are compliant, meet The Star’s high standards and don’t pose an unacceptable increase in gambling related risks. These risk assessments are performed independently of the business operations by the responsible gambling team.
For over a decade The Star has used a regulatory technology product called Law of the Jungle to assist us in making sure our marketing campaigns and collateral comply with our legal obligations and Responsible Gambling Program standards, including adoption of voluntary industry codes and guidelines in respect of responsible gambling.
Guest Support Managers
The Star is continuing to develop the workforce model and capability requirements that would allow for GSMs to operate at all times each property is operational.
Data Analytics
The Star is developing improved data analytical capabilities for a range of uses including identifying risky gaming activity patterns. These capabilities are at early stages of development and are primarily focused on duration of play and financial structural analysis. As we move towards the commissioning of Queen’s Wharf these capabilities will continue to evolve to capture other factors for analysis.
Time on Game
The Star is developing rules, policy and capability to allow us to consider and adopt best practice responses to manage the amount of time a guest has been continuously gaming and /or the length of time a guest has been continuously present in the gaming areas.
Facial Recognition to reduce Exclusion Breaches
Facial recognition technology continues to improve and has been deployed at certain points at The Star’s Sydney property as a performance trial to prove up the technology and associated business systems and processes.